Thursday, 1 June 2006

Are u a real friend ?

Friends ,no body haven't friend ,what ever the kind of the friend good was or bad .Friend is an important word represent lot of meaning to every one .if we want to separate the friends we will go to 4 kinds of friends ( bad , ordinary , good and real ) .until u have a lot of friends u will have at most 0 or 1 friend from the last type of friends ( real friend ) ,if u have one u will be from people who have very good luck .

Unfortunately , I loosed my real friend some thing , I am very sad for that but I can't say any thing else thanks Allah in all things . Now he live in Kuwait and I am right here in Egypt our communication became little because all are busy now days in his life in different country ,but I can't said to u else I love u for ever ;u are in my memory for ever ya [Mohamed AL-Gebale] .
I think u ask now the different between the good and real friend .so I will start with
the first type or kind (good friend) .the good friend is the friend which sure love u and u love him ,he prefer u in him , he advise u to the correct way , he trust u and he have a lot of good properties .but failed in some other properties which the real friend relish it .
The real friend : is a group of good friends in one character male was or female .the real friend is a person which u feel that it's a mirror of u . a person which u comfort to it more than any one in this earth .a person u turn him when u feel the world look black to u with out any thinking . it is an gelatinous character .

Some difference between real and good friend :
# U can resort(YALGA2) to a good friend at some time but not to all .
# Always people around u think that the real friend is brother to u ; always u enjoy ur free time with him .
# u can't be sad from him(real friend) what ever his mistake because sure he didn't aim to that .

Now : Are u a real friend or not ?! Are u meet some one can to be real friend ?Are u see before some one with his real friend ?
I hope ….I can to appear what I mean by real friend ,the different between the real and good friend…. and to be continue ….isA .

Right back

Ahemd Essawy
4:50AM 31/5/2006


Zelda.chan said...

Ohh!! I sent you an email instead of posting a comments. I hope that you stay with your friends. but remember that this kind of relationships my end. so don't trust anybody!!

Ahmed Essawy said...

Merci , alot dear Zelda.chan for your hope .
but I didn't receive any mail .