Sunday, 25 June 2006

Very nice day

very nice day

Yesterday,(Friday) I enjoyed a very very beautiful day .From day ago I was in the Shams Club with at least 20 students from my friends in FCI .we play football then some go to swim .Some friends which they like World Cup showed it .Some play volleyball [yes , it was by foot ball not volley ball ],but it was very good. We play…..

As u see here they were the great team which I played with them . Unfortunately I am not here in this photo because I am who catch this photo by my mobile cam.
I love all my friend for ever .I hope the relation between our didn't break in the future or in any time .

Ya Rab gama3na 3ala 7`eer yom al 2yama .
Ya Rab nekon men man kal fehom al rasol (sala Allah 3alyh wa salam) ragolan ta7aba fe allah 2gtama3a 3alayh wa 2ftaraka 3alyh .


Ramy Mahrous said...

hoa nabil mish bibtl akl 7'als :D
bs hoa feen fy el sora dih ???!

Mohammad Nabil said...

kont ga3an, mat3'adetsh kowyas, etfadal ma3aya :D

Ahmed Essawy said...

Walahy kan yom kewayes 2awe we Nabil kan menawar al nade bas kan na2sak enta we 7abayebna 2le magoosh .

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Ahmed Farrag,
I hope i was included in this da3wah :).