Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Sharp Develops Triple-View LCD

Reuters - eWEEK
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sharp Corp. said on Wednesday it has developed the world's first liquid crystal display (LCD) panel that allows the viewing of three different images on one screen at the same time.
The new LCD panel would, for example, allow the driver of a car to view a navigation system, the passenger to look at shopping and restaurant information and a person in the back seat to watch a movie, Sharp said in a press release.
Last year Sharp unveiled a panel that allowed the viewing of two different images. That panel is already being used in car navigation systems, Sharp said.
The world's third-largest LCD TV maker said its "triple directional viewing LCD" splits the screen light into three different directions, generating a different image depending on whether the screen is being viewed from the left, center or right.

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

SanDisk offers 12GB, 16GB CompactFlash cards

SanDisk offers 12GB, 16GB CompactFlash cards

SanDisk on Tuesday introduced 12GB and 16GB Extreme III CompactFlash memory cards, designed for professional photographers who shoot RAW or high-resolution JPEG files. SanDisk expects to ship the cards by the end of the year for $779.99 and $1,049.99 respectively.
SanDisk said the cards feature minimum read and write speeds of 20 MB/s. The cards use SanDisk’s “Enhanced Super-Parallel (ESP) Processing” technology to achieve that speed. The cards feature an operating temperature range of minus 13F to 185F.
SanDisk also unveiled its new Extreme USB 2.0 Reader, which will be released in November for $24.99.
SanDisk’s Web site had not been updated with information about the new cards as Macworld posted this article.

Saturday, 23 September 2006

.NET Framework 3.5

yes , as u see ".NET Framework 3.5" .
Jason Zander, general manager of the .NET Framework team at Microsoft, discussed the version of the framework that will follow version 3.0. Tentatively titled "version 3.5", this version will include a new compiler that will support new features such as
Language Integrated Query, as well as new language features in C# and VB.NET .
.NET Framework 3.5 will be included in the Visual Studio "Orcas" release.

Here’s some information on what each version includes:
· FX 2.0: Includes CLR 2.0—generics, etc. Shipped with VS 2005; not much to say here.
· FX 3.0 = FX 2.0 + WPF (Avalon), WCF (Indigo), WF (Workflow). In other words, FX 3.0 is a set of assemblies that has been added to FX 2.0; it only includes service pack-level fixes to existing (FX 2.0) assemblies or the existing languages (VB 8.0). FX 3.0 is installed by default on Windows Vista (and is therefore bound to the Vista RTM date), and available for download on down-level platforms. There currently is not a supported version of Visual Studio that targets FX 3.0, however; you can download extensions to VS 2005 that provides some rudimentary support for FX 3.0 at
Click me .
· FX 3.5 = FX 3.0 + LINQ. Basically, you can think of FX 3.5 as the new compilers, tools, and assemblies required to support LINQ. Again, FX 3.5 includes new assemblies (e.g., System.Query.dll) and service-pack-level fixes to existing assemblies. FX 3.5 will ship with VS “Orcas”.
An important thing to note about the above versions of the FX is that they all run on CLR 2.0, which shipped in 2005.

Unlike previous versions of VS, VS “Orcas” will include the ability to build applications that target each of the above framework versions—FX 2.0, FX 3.0, and FX 3.5. You’ll have the ability to specify what framework version the project should target when a project is created, opened for the first time in VS Orcas, and via the property pages. Once a framework version is selected, references, IntelliSense, Object Browser, the Toolbox, etc will be modified such that references that aren’t available in the chosen target are filtered (grayed out, generally).

Some common questions…
Will I be able to open my 2005 project in VS “Orcas” without upgrading it to FX 3.5?
Yes. Users will have the option to upgrade the project’s framework target the first time they open it in VS Orcas; however, upgrading will not be required
Will I be able to open my 2005 project in VS “Orcas” then re-open it in VS 2005?
No. Once a project has been opened in VS “Orcas”, it cannot be subsequently opened in 2005.
Will I be able to use LINQ in my FX 2.0 project?
No. LINQ requires assemblies that are only available in FX 3.5 projects.
If I already have FX 2.0 installed and my app requires FX 3.0, what do I need to install when I deploy my app?
Because FX 3.0 is just an add-on pack of sorts for FX 3.0, you’ll only need to install the 3.0 Runtime Components, which have FX 2.0 as a pre-requisite.

Admittedly, this whole framework versioning scheme is pretty confusing… so we’re trying to make the related user experience in VS opt-in: by default you’ll target the latest and greatest version of the FX 3.5 when you create a project and most of this will be transparent. If you do need to target an earlier version, the option will be available. We’ll certainly be interested in your feedback on the model when the first VS Orcas CTP is released.

I get this information from this links (read it if you interested):

Link1:Asp Blogs
Link2:MSDN Blogs

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

10 million $

يا تري ايه انطباعك لما تشوف صورة زي دي في موقع
انا شوفتها في موقعين عربيين و موكتوب عليهم لحياه افضل اضغط هنا .
بس انا طنشت و قولت لنفسي سيبك با احمد من الهبل ده يعني حيكون ايه ؟؟؟
و مرة اسبوع و الحياه عاديه و بعدين كنت بدور علي حاجه بالعربي في جوجل لاقيت الصورة دي موجوده في اول 3 نتائج بحث.
قولت لا اشوف يعني حتدوديني لايه..
كحب للفضول..
و كانت المفاجئه.
دخلني علي اللينك ده
طبعا حتقول ايه ده.
دي منظمه يهوديه بتقول لو تعرف اي خبر عن اسير يهودي حنديك 10 مليون دولار
يعني تقريبا حوالي 60 مليون جنيه .
انا الي حز في نفسي حاجتين
الاول حسيت فعلا احنا قد ايه رخاص
و قد ايه هم بيقدرو الفرد عندهم .
و الحاجه التانيه و دي الارجح
ان دي منظمه يهوديه للتجسس بتشتري جواسيس في البلاد العربيه .
و الدليل واضح انه في مواقع مش لبنانيه او فلسطسنيه
ولا تعليق

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

مش علطول الخير جزاءه خير

حلم رعب

اكيد الكلام ده مش صح بس انا حثبتلك هنا ان الكلام ده ممكن احيانا يكون صح ..!
لو كنت في نادي كبير و معروف و بتلعب فيه مع اصحابك او كنت بتتمشي فيه او أي حاجه كده المهم انت كنت في النادي و لقيت شنطه سيمسونايت (زي بتاعه اللاب توب – فخمه -) علي كنبه في النادي .

حتعمل ايه؟!!!!

يا تري حتخدها و تهرب بييها ؟
ولا حتفتحها و تدور علي رقم تيليفون صاحبها و تقله النص بالنص ؟
ولا حتوديها الامانات و ملكش دخل ؟
ولا ايه بالظبط ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

اعتقد ان الطبيعي من شخص عادي .. انه يذهب بالشنطه الي الامانات و بكده يكون عمل الي عليه .

مش صح ....انا دلوقت حقنعك ان الكلام ده مش صح ....معلش انا كنت زيك في الاول....

شوف بقي معايا الي حصل ده و متضحكش عليا ...لما حقولك اني اتعلمت من الحلم ...
المهم انا كنت نايم و بحلم اني مع اصحابي بلعب كورة في نادي الشمس و فجأء طلعت الكورة برة الملعب فروحت اجيبها . لقيت علي كنبه من الكنبات شنطه الي بقولك عليها – شكلها نظيف و قيمه – المهم قولت لاصحابي العبو انتم لغايه ما اودي الشنطه دي الامانات يعني عامل فيها عم الامين و كده.

المهم اول ما روحت عند مكتب الامانات لقيت مش اقل من عشرة بيرفعوا عليا البنادق و بيقولولي اقف مكانك .
انا قولت في سري هما فاهمين حاجه غلط و تقدمت بدون خوف لاني معملتش حاجه غلط .
فاذا سمعت بصوت عالي قوي بيقول اطلقوا النار عليه....
الشنطه دي هي الي متبلغ عليها ( بصوت جهوري مرعب)
محدش يضرب علي الشنطه ...
بس و اخذت عدد لابأس بيه من الرصاصات في صدري و ادركت في الحلم انها لحظاتي الاخيرة فقولت لا اله الا الله و لكن بدل ما اموت صحيت .

بعيد عن اني صحيت متضايق قوي من الحلم الرخم ده .

حرمت اقرب من أي شنطه غريبه او معرفش صاحبها بعد كده مهما كان .

الدرس المستفاد ان لو حصلي الموقف ده تاني في الحلم او الحقيقه ابلغ الامن عن مكانالشنطه دون الاقتراب منها نهائي .