Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Sharp Develops Triple-View LCD

Reuters - eWEEK
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sharp Corp. said on Wednesday it has developed the world's first liquid crystal display (LCD) panel that allows the viewing of three different images on one screen at the same time.
The new LCD panel would, for example, allow the driver of a car to view a navigation system, the passenger to look at shopping and restaurant information and a person in the back seat to watch a movie, Sharp said in a press release.
Last year Sharp unveiled a panel that allowed the viewing of two different images. That panel is already being used in car navigation systems, Sharp said.
The world's third-largest LCD TV maker said its "triple directional viewing LCD" splits the screen light into three different directions, generating a different image depending on whether the screen is being viewed from the left, center or right.


Ahmed M. Farrag said...

This is so cool.
I can watch something and when Dad comes from left to see what i'm watching he'll see a blank screen :D and then wonders why i'm staring at a blank screen :D he3 he3 he3

Ahmed Essawy said...

ya ...
u can apply that and open something else to ur Dad : ) .