Tuesday, 30 May 2006

The first post

In the name of Allah

In the first ,I think this blog will be more personal more than programming filed .From my reasons to generate this blog is to express my self more . some time the person have some thing inside his self can't express it or detect it in the begin . I think this blog will recognize me my self more :) .NOT the mean of that that I will not write article in programming but less than personal .Until now I think to write articles about My friends and real friend ,How students union change my think ? , Are u ready to be a programmer ? and finally thanks my parents in all they do .
The main reason to create this blog to get username and password to be able to thank Miss Aya in Ramy's blog (add comment in
Ramy's blog ) which he wrote article in thank Miss Aya .
Really , thank Miss Aya in all you done for our from supporting and so on .again thank you very much Miss Aya ;
When I asked miss her about this overworked ,she said to me "when I was a student in your place ( student have DSP exam )my instructor made as this overworked ,and I want any one from you will be instructor isA make the same work :) .

I think it is enough as starting in my blog .

Right Back :)

Ahmed Essawy
30/5/2006 00:30AM


Ramy Mahrous said...

Congratulation 3essawy
about technical blog we made technical blog and I'll send you an invitation to write ur technical articles

Ahmed Essawy said...

Ok ,Ramy i will wait ur invetation and thank u .

Ahmed Essawy