Wednesday, 23 January 2008

كود عادي و لكن النتيجه غير عاديه

للمبرمجين فقط
الحقو يا رجاله مايكروسوفت هيست حضرات زي ما حتشوفو في الصورة الي تحت كتبت كود عادي بيعمل طلب عادي.. و لكن النتيجه كانت غير عاديه ... الدوت نت معترضه علي الكود علشان العمليه انتعملت بنجاح :D:D:D win32Exception

The operation Completed Successfuly

اضغط هنا لصورة اكبر :


عصفور المدينة said...

أطرف صورة رأيتها

آلام وآمال said...

كويس يا احمد انك قلت للمبرمجين فقط لأني بصراحة مفهمتش حاجة غير ان رسالة التنبيه متناقضة وبس

HOssam Sadik said...

هيه دى مصر ياعبلة
قصدى هيه دى مايكروسفت يا احمد :D

Hawy PHP said...

ولسه بكرة ياما نشوف

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I visit this blog, I came here by a link from a friend to show me that Microsoft error. But I have to reveal the truth, sorry. This is a FAKE message and here is a small code to generate one.

In a library:
namespace MyNamespace
public class Win32Exception : Exception
public override string Message
return "The operation completed successfully";

public class Foo
public void Print()
throw new Win32Exception();

Compile and then delete the debug database .pdb file of the library.

Then in refrence to the library and create a new Foo object and invoke Print() in debug mode. Something like this.

new MyNamespace.Foo().Print();

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to mention in the previous comment that real Microsoft error messages use Punctuations, so there should be a full stop at the end of the message if it was truly Microsoft's.

Ahmed Essawy said...

@ Anonymous
Sorry , Mr.Anonymous at the first , I haven't any need or free time to do any type of FAKING like this...
secondly , some of real Microsoft error messages HAVEN"T Punctuations
you can see this exception picture which haven't Punctuations ...
from this article's link
third ,I adore Microsoft and it's technology very much ..all my friend now that ... and know my mortals ..

Anonymous said...

It's me Mr. Anonymous again. I wasn't saying you're faking the message all i said it's fake; you might have found it somewhere and blogged it. The code I've posted before didn't take me any time, I don't have time either.

The links you provided, I think it is really an error message from Microsoft and IT HAS PUNCTUATIONS though, not having a dot at the end of the message is because they provide an expression "Section=ResponseStatusLine".
What makes me think it's really a Microsoft message that I can see the call stack and the details of the message; I can see what generated the exception.
While, on the other hand,
your error message doesn't have punctuations,
you're not showing the call stack,
you're not showing the type of the object printDocument1 although your code is only 31 lines of code
and you erased the text of the comboboxes next to the start debugging button (it's very obvious) but you forgot that the taskbar and the title bar is showing the mode which is debugging.
If you want to prove something you should provide detailed information and documentation about it (call stack, details of the message, the object declaration, the namespaces if you're not using fully qualified names ...etc) otherwise you’re proving nothing.

Ahmed Essawy said...

you are welcome Mr.Anonymous ...
as I mentioned before this error happened to me ...
If Allah wants isA when some errors occur again , I will provide my articles with the stack call to believe me Mr.Anonymous .