Friday, 2 March 2007

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me!

In the name of Allah ,

Ramy Mahrous( form my lovers ) have been tagged me, Mohamed Nabil, Shreef Sakr, and Mohamed Gamal to write 5 things you don't know about us , mmmmmmmm , I think my blog explored many point of me at general because I see the blog is the mirror to it's owner :) . However I will list here some point you may not know about me .

1- My religion is the first of any thing .

2- I adore the volunteer works and enjoys a very nice time in helping people .I hope to serve all people as I can .

3- Although ,I am brave(shoga3) ,I am something timid :$.

4- I am a good cooker :D , I able to preper a full breakfast , lauch or dinner , more than 60% from my meals made by me .

5- The nearest friends from me said “enta ya Essawy tayeb we 7mmal 2seya” :(.

6- From biggest dreams ,the hope to build a real university(non-comerical) with real professors like AUC (American Univesity in Cairo) to whom interesting to real learn , isA if a have money :D.

7- I love my computer so much , I can enjoy with it for days NOT hours .

8- I hate all who are hate Islam and unhappy from Muslims insult our religion .

9- ana bashfek 3ala alshabab 2le byshrabo sgayr or mo7`drat we albanat 2le mosh 3ndha 7ya2 or mosh mo7agba.

10-I am a crazy , just my friend know that :D:D .

11-I love my blog too much .

12-I prefer koftaa than kbab .

13-I love my friends as my brother and prefer them on myself, I can't sleep or be relax , If I was sad with one of them .

14-I dislike TV at all, but may watch what my family are watching :) .

15-the previous 3ed al 2d7a was first time to attend it in Egypt and the previous Ramad was the fourth .

16-if i am convinsed or accepted something (what I do) , I don't care the look of people to me whatever this look .

Now , the time to tag others! and the chosen people are:Ahmed M. Farrag, Kareem Alhake , Yossef , Tamer !!!! :D:D


Ramy Mahrous said...

Rbna ykrmk ya Ahmed walahy da enta ely 7abeby (walahy b7bk fy ALEAH)

10- Yes :D I know that, do u remember (El- Tazij fy Ramdan :D)

Ahmed Essawy said...

loooooools ,enta lesa faker ,da ana neset .
fkrtne be ayam kosta (L).